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When the call comes in and lives are on the line, our law enforcement officers deserve to be armed with the best products available. For decades, Winchester has manufactured world leading ammunition for military, law enforcement and civilian use. With a reputation steeped in tradition, we have earned the moniker “The American Legend” by delivering on our commitment to excellence in everything we do. Legendary Excellence.


The Winchester name is synonymous with serving the Law Enforcement community. From the FBI and Department of homeland security in the USA to the AFP and State police agencies in Australia. Winchesters high quality ammunition from state of the art manufacturing facilities in Oxford, Mississippi and East Alton, Illinois produce the reliability required by those who serve their communities. Winchester Australia adds to this tradition with quality firearms partners as well as providing some of the worlds most innovative and reliable less lethal ammunition to support officers in the field.


Winchester Australia combines world class ammunition with world class firearms supply partners including some of the worlds most recognised brands. Steyr, FN, CZ, Penn arms, Winchester repeating arms, Browning just to name a few.

Less Lethal Munitions

Winchester Australia and Combined Systems Inc (CSI) have enjoyed a long and successful partnership. Founded in 1981, Combined Systems, Inc. (CSI) is the recognized leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of security products for the global defence and law enforcement markets. As the premier supplier of less-lethal munitions and launching systems, CSI manufactures products for riot control, police tactical teams, corrections officers, and military units. CSI is the parent company of brands names Combined Tactical Systems (CTS), Penn Arms, CTS Thompson Handcuffs & Restraints, and CTS Training Institute. Through these brand names, CSI can support the needs of its customers in all aspects, including research and development, product support, sales, and training. Winchester Australia and FN Herstal have enjoyed a successful relationship for the Law Enforcement markets, bring to the table the FN303 Less Lethal System

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