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Winchester Australia

Winchester Australia is a part of the world’s leading supplier of small arms ammunition, Olin Winchester.

An established brand with 150 years of proud history in supplying ammunition to all arms of the military and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Winchester leads the industry with technical innovation bringing to market new and unique offerings to meet the needs of the modern military and law enforcement professionals in a range of field conditions.  Winchester ammunition is tested to the highest standards in accordance with the SAAMI requirements and supported by ISO9000 quality management systems.  Ammunition is tested for accuracy and function in different weapon systems and meets the standards for law enforcement using the FBI test protocol.

Part of the Australian market for over 50 years, Winchester Australia draws on the technical might of its parent company and its other brand partners and represents them in the Australian and Asia Pacific markets.  These brands include CSI less lethal munitions, Norma precision ammunition, FN Herstal and Browning firearms, CZ firearms, Steyr firearms and Penn Arms launchers.

All brands Winchester represents provide products that meet the highest quality specifications that meet international standards for its products either SAAMI (USA) or CIP (Europe).

Winchester Australia and its partners have been longstanding suppliers to military and law enforcement agencies around the world.  In Late 2020 Olin Winchester will resume management of the US Army Lake City Ammunition factory, providing further capacity to meet the needs of defence and law enforcement agencies.

Throughs its partners, Winchester can offer a range of weapon and ammunition solutions backed up by local servicing and technical support.  Winchester can provide full data packs to meet military specifications or government agency procurement requirements,

Winchester Australia meets all obligations for compliance and is an Australian Trusted Trader and participant in the Olin CT-PAT program.

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