Steyr Aug A1 5.56x45 NATO

Calibre / Chamber5.56×45 NATO
Barrel382mm (15), 417mm (16”), 508mm (20”)
Magazine Capacity9 rounds, 30 rounds, 42 rounds (optional)
TriggerPull through trigger system.
Safety3 position safety, Lateral push-through type locks


Overall Length27"-31"


The STEYR AUG is a gas operated (short stroke piston) semi and fully automatic assault rifle with rotary bolt, quick changeable barrel and integrated optical sight. The “Bullpup“ design makes it a short, well-balanced rifle with high reliability and accuracy.
The AUG is famous for its modular concept which permits field stripping into the main groups within a few seconds.
The AUG is the standard weapon of many Armed Forces and Special Units all over the world since 1977.


  • “Bullpup“ design – short overall length
  • Quick change of different barrels
  • High versatility
  • Optical sight with ring reticle
  • Extremely high hit probability
  • Utmost training simplicity
  • Highest operational versatility
  • Various FX Systems available